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Cimaza Science by

Susan Nasif-Adorisio, PhD

Virologist Artist
Biomedical Sciences (Virology)
(KU Leuven, Belgium, Alumna)

[Ex-labs: Groups of Prof. Marc Van Ranst & Johan Neyts]

uses science and art to simplify hard-to-understand topics such as: Virology, Immunology

and basically "the science behind vaccines". 

Winner of four global recognitions:

1) 2015 Science Hero Award - ThermoFisher, USA

2) 2017 Innovation in Science Literacy Award - HWDI, UK

3) 2018 Europe (Silver) Vaccines Communication Challenge Award - VaccinesToday, EU

4) 2019 Health Literacy Promotion winner - Merck (MSD), Belgium

Susan’s LinkedIn url is:


E-courses (Basic Virology) - أساسيات علم الفيروسات

Man Reading
Learning to Read



Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two: The Architecture of viruses Chapter Three: Classification of viruses  Chapter Four: Viral replication

Chapter Five: Culturing viruses

Chapter Six: Consequences of genetic changes

Chapter Seven: Pathogenesis

Chapter Eight: Types of infections  Chapter Nine: The immune response

The Chapter Ten: Controlling viruses

Chapter Eleven: Vaccines

Chapter Twelve: Antivirals 



Io Vaccino



- علم الفيروسات الأساسي 

- الفيروسات التاجية 

- الفيروسات المسببة للسرطان 

وأكثر ...

دروس متوفرة بالعربية

ومدعمة بصور توضيحية مبتكرة 

لتسهيل مذاكرة المادة 

(التصفح فقط للأعضاء) 


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